Welcome! We’re a Western Restaurant in Chengdu.

The Lazy Pug Restaurant and Bar opened May 18th, 2011. The dream of the original owners, Danny and Dana, was to create an authentic and comfortable American restaurant and dining experience in a growing city in China. After much research and many visits, they discovered that Chengdu had a real lack of options as well as a nice city to reside. They hired a young chef just out of culinary school from their hometown in Chicago and together created a menu with a strong focus on American barbecue and comfort food from the “Windy City”.

The Lazy Pug Name

The restaurant’s name, “Lazy Pug” came about because of Danny and Dana’s two quirky, loyal pug dogs. Their goal, like the present owners Michael and Xiao Hong, was to create a place that felt like home, full of good food and drink where everyone felt welcomed.

The Lazy Pug Chengdu

Although we enjoy local Chinese culture and food, we also miss being able to walk into a cocktail bar and getting a properly poured drink! Watching a local bartender painfully measure out an ounce, placing two cubes in a glass with flat tonic and charge 50 RMB gave us some ideas. We do admit to having a heavy hand while pouring now! This, coupled with the quality ingredients we use in all of our dishes, has allowed us to create an oasis where you just might forget that you are in western China.

Our Origin

We met in Singapore in 1995 and married the following year. Two children and lengthy stays in London and Chicago later, we had the opportunity in 2011 to move to Xiao Hong’s hometown of Chengdu shortly after Lazy Pug opened. We came to know Lazy Pug well, as Michael viewed it as a slice of his hometown of Chicago that he missed while living in his new surroundings. To now be the owner/operators of this wonderful restaurant gives us the best of both worlds.

Special Thanks

Hopefully, Chengdu locals and expats will continue to warmly welcome the Lazy Pug’s position in the local dining scene. The food and beverage industry continues to grow along with the city and we are most grateful for the support given to our team’s efforts in producing quality western food and drink at affordable prices.

Michael & Xiao Hong